Lana Okiro is the most exciting still life artist working in the UK

Lana Okiro is the most exciting still life artist working in the UK. Her distinctive artistic style has developed over the years under the influence of works of great masters whose styles she admires such as Paul Cézanne and Claude Monet. Her favoured medium is oil on canvas, and her highly contemporary interpretations use distinctive bold strokes and bright colours to create vivid works with a surprising element of subtlety.

When observed at close quarters Lana’s work clearly shows the rich application of paint in careful layers. This highly textured appearance resolves into beautiful and realistic images when the viewer takes a step away. The pictures are created using a delicate mix of colours and the evocative shades are perfectly placed in each painting to represent nature with accuracy and style. In using the palette knife Lana ensures that every stroke is clearly defined, which lends a striking clarity to the finished image.

Lana was born in the beautiful countryside of Western Ukraine and grew up on a farm. As a consequence she has a great love of animals, the outdoors and the extraordinary beauty of nature. She was always interested in art and from an early age was drawing and copying illustrations. From school she went on to study Artistic Design and Education and has continued to learn and improve her skills through self-training and practice. Her career has included teaching art and working in Interior Design.

Lana now lives in Surrey and enjoys producing works of art that capture the beauty of everyday objects. Her bright and uplifting paintings are held in private collections and galleries across the UK.