Stunning abstracts which reflect Carla's passion and curiosity for life in all its colours, textures and emotions

Carla Segarra is a romantic; painting with the freshness and sincerity of youth, she creates stunning abstracts which reflect her passion and curiosity for life in all its colours, textures and emotions. Each vibrant piece is an intuitive response to the human condition and represents a triumph of sensuality over intellect. “Art” she says, “is the path on which I hope to meet myself.”

Carla takes her reference and inspiration from philosophy, literature, music, but above all from nature. Her early works were landscape and nature painting, but these developed organically into abstraction. She spends as much time as possible in the landscape, collecting stones and leaves, tree bark and lichen and is fascinated by the micro cosmos that occurs again and again in the environment.

She takes multiple photographs when out in the landscape and paints with an innocent spontaneity which gives every work a distinctive personality and energy. As in the natural world that she emulates, her paintings juxtapose bold swathes of colour with elegant and sometimes elaborate detail, celebrating the harmony that can be found in seemingly disparate, even conflicting elements.

Working in a variety of media, Carla is fascinated by technical experimentation and constantly seeks out ways to achieve different expressive results. “I consider that always being in search of something new and constantly learning is the basis of both artistic and personal growth.” She chooses and changes her tools and materials regularly and has acquired an artistic vocabulary which has made her genuinely eloquent.

Born in Valencia, Spain, Carla graduated with a degree in Fine Art and began to enter her art in competitions. She was included on several shortlists until she was awarded the prestigious First Prize in the XVI Desideri Lombarte Painting Competition. This brought her to the notice of several galleries across the country, and since then her work has become increasingly sought after. Her celebrity collectors include legendary cyclist Alberto Contador and David Villa, one of Spain’s greatest ever footballers.

“Art is a means of self-knowledge, which pushes you to make contact with your emotions, so that you live connected and present in the here and now.”