Dazzling, vivacious style

Lee Kaplan’s exhilarating abstract works juxtapose bold, vivid colours with more subtle hues to form a dynamic and engaging visual experience. The depth and dimension in her work, achieved through expert layering, texture, and brushwork, combines with her skill in utilising a wide range of techniques and mediums to bring her artistic vision to life.

Kaplan’s artistry is characterised by a dazzling, vivacious style, expressing a rich imagination and a hopeful world view. Her repertoire, ranging through abstracts, landscapes, figurative compositions and mixed media collages, is influenced by the Neo-expressionism of George Baselitz and Anselm Kiefer. Merging the raw primal energy of Abstract Expressionism with pop culture, narrative, myth, politics, graffiti and more her work is at the cutting edge of interior trends and exudes an infectious energy and passion which has secured her an enthusiastic following.