Paintings as untamed as the landscape they portray

Contemporary Valencia-based artist Ana Fernandez is known for her vibrant mixed media landscapes and genre pieces, which summon the warmth and atmosphere of a sun-drenched Spanish afternoon. Ana’s unique visual language is characterised by a refreshing simplicity and frankness which reflects her attitude both to her life and to her art.

Each piece is an extension of Ana’s personality and an authentic expression of her personal perspective and experience. She weaves her positive view of the world into her art, bringing her imaginative vision to life with vivid colours, bold contrasts, uplifting subject matter and an accessible style.

Ana’s particular gift lies in capturing the energy and spontaneity of everyday life and reinterpreting it though her kaleidoscopic artistic lens. Her images emerge from a combination of watercolours, gouache and acrylics, and she creates a unique and colourful palette for each one. piece. She describes colour as her ‘travelling companion’, and this idea seems to encapsulate her identity both as an individual and as an artist.

Ana’s passion and talent led her to the prestigious School of Fine Arts in Valencia, where she honed her skills as a painter under the tutelage of renowned landscape and genre artist V. Giner. She has become known for her purity of vision and unfiltered representative style and we are delighted to include her in our contemporary art portfolio.