Inspired by the Sea, the Sky and the Mountains nearby

Inspired by the Sea, the Sky and the Mountains nearby. Alix is predominantly a seascape & landscape artist, her love of the outdoors and travel has been an imperative source for her creativeness. Having lived in the French Alps she recalls watching the pink alpine glow hit the snowy peaks in the early evening, gazing at the swirl of currents as two oceans meet at the tip of New Zealand, or the sheer awe of witnessing humpback whales playing in the surf in the cool waters of Canada, these remarkable places have all made their impact on Alix.

“I love wandering around in nature, dazzled by the endless spectacles that appear in the wild. To me, sunlight is the most revered of all the elements, it affects everything it touches. Through my paintings, I try and capture these fleeting moments, seeing colours in the shadows and findings hidden shapes in the landscape & clouds… then you blink and they’ve disappeared forever.”

Alix mainly uses oils, with their ability to blend and build layer upon layer to create the desired texture and movement, they are ideal for her atmospheric skies and dynamic seas. Her signature mark is a splash of gold leaf to enhance the effect of natural light.

Fascinated by art from an early age, she was often found doodling in books and on the walls. Encouraged by her family, she knew art would dominate and help guide her path through life. After studying Art & Design in her home town of Plymouth, she then followed an alternative route and completed a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Furniture Design in Cardiff. After years of travel and exploration of the world, she went back to her roots and began selling her paintings in Canada. Finally back in the UK she continues to expand her collection and grow as an artist, having finally found a place to call home nestled here on the rugged coastline of North Devon, nearer family & friends, but still able to hear the calls of the wild.