Post-Pop Figurative Narrator

Alex weaver is an emerging hyperrealist who has been described as a “post-pop figurative narrator”. Using vibrant colours, powerful narrative and carefully chosen words, Alex explores his fascination with modern history and contemporary media and their relationship with the art of today and tomorrow. His bold statement pieces ask how our current cultural touchstones and their presentation through art will be regarded by future generations, and what this will tell them about the 20th and early 21st centuries.

In his most recent collection Alex looks at female figures – from fanciful illustrations on the cover of a 1940s noir thriller or a 1960s advertising poster, to Wonder Woman or Madonna – and links them to a narrative concept, often summed up in a line from a film or song. His message may be about any number of contemporary issues, from our obsession with money or material things to the ever-increasing impact of powerful and successful women in the modern world.

Although based in traditional ideals and featuring many vintage concepts, Alex’s images are firmly rooted in the world of today, referencing advertising, social media, pop videos and more, and are brimming with puns, quips and memes; these ensure that however serious the message, there is always playfulness and wit at work. This is the art of today as a time capsule for the future, offering a colourful commentary on our hopes, dreams and obsessions.

Alex’s passion for history and historical context is evidenced in his love of the old masters and his preference for their painting methods; although preparation for each work involves sketching, photography and creative use of digital techniques, the final compositions are always painted in oils, although they also sometimes incorporate diamond dust. He has a wide and informed interest in art history and a particular admiration for Normal Rockwell and Edward Hopper for their amazing dexterity, beautiful narratives, brushwork, colour and composition.

Born in Germany to a military family, Alex gained his BA in Fine Art at Hereford and is now part of a thriving coastal community in North Devon. Still in his 20s, he has already had successful exhibitions around the UK and at the Hay Festival.