Vicky Palmer

Award-Winning Portrait and Animal Artist

Vicky’s much-loved animal portraits have been making an impact in London and the South of England for several years and we are delighted to introduce her portfolio more widely across the UK. She has always been well known for her superb paintings of hounds, but since relocating to a more rural area, this passion has broadened to include some of the other creatures she encounters on a daily basis.

Out walking her dog, Vicky enjoys observing the quirky behaviour of the chickens and geese, and is often stalked by the local cows, which she describes as “nosey, slightly insane creatures that you can’t help becoming rather attached to.” Her particular gift is to capture the personality of the animals she portrays, and whether that is the delight and robust energy of the hounds, the vitality of the busy farmyard birds or the curiosity but implicit sweetness of the cows, their individual characters are indeed brought out with every brushstroke.

Painting in a range of media including oils and pastels, Vicky works from her own photographs which she takes out on location. Back in the studio however, she lifts her beautifully detailed subjects out of their traditional environment and places them against neutral backgrounds on the canvas. This allows us to picture them in a setting of our choice, giving a cooler and more contemporary slant to her traditional subject.

Vicky has been drawing or painting for most of her life and trained at Bristol and Salisbury before pursuing a career as a graphic designer. The arrival of two small girls and their move to an idyllic hamlet in Wiltshire inspired her to start painting full time. Winner of the prestigious Trilogy Award from the Society of Women Artists in 2016, she has exhibited at the Country life Fair where her subject matter has proved extremely popular; her work is shown extensively around London and the South of England, and she is a regular exhibitor at the Animal Art Fair. Vicky has exhibited to great success in the south of England and her list of collectors includes Lady Judith McAlpine, Alan Titchmarsh and Mary Berry.