Art Visualisation
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Art Visualisation

Ever fallen in love with a painting but just can’t imagine how it would look on your walls? Or just can’t decide between that original or a set of 3 limited editions?

Viewing artwork in the gallery should always be an enjoyable experience, however sometimes the glitz and glamour from the surrounding artworks can become a distraction.

We are extremely fortunate here in Ilfracombe to have incredibly high ceilings and large expanses of walls, but we know this doesn’t represent every household (although it is fantastic for getting lots of artwork out on display for you!)

So here at Magenta we offer an easy, quick and highly effective service- simply email a photo of your intended space, don’t worry you don’t have to be the next Ansel Adams, just a nice clear image of your room/wall on your phone will do. If you have the rough dimensions or an object like a sofa in the frame that will help us get the scale fairly accurate.

Then the photoshop pixies here at Magenta will work their magic and superimpose those paintings you’ve been dreaming of into your space, giving you an authentic visual of the finished look so you can make the most informed decision. So if you need that extra helping hand to really see how the artwork would look in your finished space, get in touch today.

You don’t even need to visit the gallery, if you’ve seen something here on the website let us know the title of the piece and send over your imagery, and we’ll reply as soon as we can!